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Manganese Chelate

Manganese Chelate
Manganese Chelate
Product Code : 7477
Product Description

We are manufacturing and supplying Manganese Chelate-

 Release Manganese should be sprayed @ 100gm per 100 ltr. of water OR 500 gm through drip irrigation per acre.


Manganese-EDTA has a different behavior in nutrient solutions and in the substrate than regular MnSO4 has.

•        Mn-EDTA hardly adsorbs to organic complexes and will stabilize the available Mn levels in the substrate.

•        Mn-EDTA improves the performance of the Iron-chelate. This can lead to an estimated reduction in Fe use of 10-20%

·         Stabilized manganese figures in the substrate

·        . Manganese has a very specific role on it’s own and does directly have an impact on the availability of iron in the substrate and improves Iron chelate performance

·         Mn EDTA  is intended for use on all agricultural, horticultural and ornamental crops that require and respond to Manganese nutritional supplements.

·         Mn EDTA is to be applied directly to the soil as a powder or spray or through drip or injection systems, or foliar application through conventional, low-volume, or aerial sprayers.


Deficiency Symptoms


Manganese deficiency is first noticed on young leaves.

Manganese deficiency tends to yellow mottled areas on young leaves.


Chelated Manganese, a product of high stability at different pH, which allows its utilization in all type of soil and water conditions. It is an excellent product for preventing and correcting Manganese deficiencies occurring under alkaline conditions at vegetative growing and productive stages.


  •  Increases productivity of vegetables, fruit and nut trees, cereals and other crops.
  • For the fast correction and cure Mn deficiency.
  • It is stable, water soluble and non-dusting manganese chelate product.