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Product Code : 02
Product Description


is a Water Treatment Chemical used in industries for flocculation of Impurities in Waste Water. and drinking water respectively.


Product Description

Product Specification

1)Alum - Ferric Grade - I

(Solid) Al2O3: 15-16%

(Liquid) Al2O3: 7-8%
2)Alum ( Non Ferric- Ammonia Alum)
(Solid) Al2O3: 13%.

(Powder) Al2O3: 13%, Moisture:15%

 Packing(Alum - Ferric Grade - I) : Solid : 20 Kg Bricks / Loose

                                                        Liquid :60 Kg Can

Packing: Alum ( Non Ferric- Ammonia Alum)-50kg Bag


-Alums are useful for a range of industrial processes. They are soluble in soluble; react Acid to litmus; and crystallize in regular octahedral.

-Alum is used to clarify water by neutralizing the electrical double layer surrounding very fine suspended particles, allowing them to flocculate (stick together). After flocculation, the particles will be large enough to settle and can be removed.

-Alum may be used to increase the viscosity of a ceramic glaze suspensions; this makes the glaze more readily adherent and slows its rate of sedimentation.

-Alum is an ingredient in some recipes for homemade modeling compounds intended for use by children. 

-Non-Ferric Ammonia Alum is used in Drinking water treatments for flocculation of solid particles from Drinking water. .